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Return on Investment: Pre-Employment Physicals

  • National healthcare spending comprised a shocking 17.9% of annual GDP in 2011 (This is expected to grow to 19.6% by 2021)
  • In 2011 the nation spent $2.7 trillion on healthcare¬†
  • 75% of healthcare expenditures are spent on chronic disease (including hypertension + type 2 diabetes)¬†
  • 100 million Americans presently live with at least 1 chronic disease
  • Employers spend at least $18,000 per employee per year
  • Poor employee health costs the national economy at least $260 billion each year in lost productivity
  • 30% of American employers currently do NOT offer employee wellness programs at all, including pre-employment exams
  • Measurable return on investment for employee health + company financial statements (this includes reduced healthcare costs, lower rates of absenteeism, and enhanced productivity)¬†
  • Wellness programs have reduced employers health costs by an average of 26.1%
  • Another investigation discovered that wellness programs + physical exams diminish workers' compensation + disease management costs by up to 32%
  • Annual physicals saved Bank One $1,000 per employee annually
  • Lafarge North America saved $30 million over 3 years with a wellness program that included physical exams
  • Chippewa County, Wisconsin, cut expenditures on county employee healthcare by $500,000 following the implementation of wellness services