Pre-Employment Physical FAQ's:

Why would a potential employer want a pre-employment physical exam conducted?

  • Reduces the potential for workers' compensation payments.
  • Overall medical costs are decreased, productivity increases.
  • Legal costs can be reduced or even avoided by hiring people correctly.
  • Avoid potential replacement and training costs for hiring a new employee.

What are the biggest challenges with having an injured employee?

  • The longer an employee is off work due to injury, the more likely they are to experience permanent disability.
  • Injured employees who do not return to work within six months have only a 50% chance of ever returning to the job held at the time of injury. *

What is assessed during a pre-employment exam?

  • Balance: ability to maintain body equilibrium.
  • Bending: forward motion and flexibility.
  • Carrying: transportation of an object.
  • Climbing: ladders, stairs, ramps, etc.


*Rowe, Tom. “2009 Annual Report: On the Job.” State Compensation Insurance Fund, 2009,