*During this time, every patient who walks in our door will have their temperature taken; those with a temperature of 99.0 degrees and higher will not be seen. Additionally, anyone who is not a patient will not be allowed in our waiting room. This also means that no family members will be permitted to accompany patients during visits. Thank you for your compliance.*

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Did you know that TotalCare Medical Group offers over 50 services? Working with TotalCare means working with doctors who understand the difference between right and wrong and with four locations in the Central Valley we’re more accessible than ever; we’re here to bring you better care, in better time. Let’s do business; give us a call at (559) 251-2225 ext. 117 or send us an email at meganm@totalcaremg.com. We can't wait to hear from you.

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Manuel S.

"Dr. Emerzian is the absolute best. He's a big strong guy but yet very gentle. Like any PT, nothing is instantaneous but I legitimately saw improvements within the first day, no hyperbole. My recovery has been tremendous and I've barely been going to him. If you want a speedy recovery come to him. You owe it to yourself to have Dr. Emerzian help you out."

Debi G.

"Total Care has great staff members who are very professional and the medical staff is dedicated to providing you the best medical treatment.

I would recommend using them for your medical needs!"

Joelle H.

"Dr. Emerzian is AMAZING (Yes he does merit all capital letters)

I started seeing Dr. Emerzian about 6 months ago because I was tired of going to a doctor that just wanted to push pills at me and not help me fix the real problem.

He is a genuine man who truly cares about his patients."

Lou Amendola, Chairman & CEO, Valley Wide Beverage Company

"Outstanding service and advice for three decades. Highly recommended."

Matt Havens, WC Claims Advocate, DerManouel Insurance Group

"I have worked directly and indirectly with TotalCare Medical Group since 1993. Directly in the capacity of claims examiner, claims manager for both very large, including public safety officers and very small holders. Indirectly, as a WC Claims Advocate assisting clients establish a relationship with an industrial medical provider or injury care, physicals and drug testing.

It is my experience that effective treatment is provided efficiently and injured employees are returned to work quickly. A cookie cutter approach to treatment is not taken. If a patient does not respond to a treatment modality as expected, a new modality is tried. If that is not effective, the case is reviewed for referral for diagnostic studies or to a specialist. Perhaps their greatest attribute is the level communication that is provided to all parties. If is very easy for the examiner or policy holder to speak with the physician via telephone to address concerns or questions. I work with the medical providers throughout California and TotalCare Medical Group is second to none in accessibility.

TotalCare Medical Group is a must for inclusion in your medical provider network for the Fresno area. This area is under served for treatment of workers' compensation injuries and many of the providers in the area provide less than optimal service."

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